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Niels Bergeson -- 1840-1925

This website is devoted to the descendants of Niels Bergeson and his three wives. Click on the Biographical Summary link for an overview of their history. For detailed information go to the Folio link. There are also biographies on 16 of their children.

The intent of this site is to create a community where all can share their experiences, pictures and remembrances of all families. If your family association would like to join us, please see the link Terms of Agreement.

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Click here to access the journals of Niels Bergeson and other historical family documents.

Olive Matilda Jensen -- 1841-1908

Amalia Kristina Swenson -- 1870-1948

Anna Maria Petterson -- 1866 - 1907

Can you solve this mystery?
Francis Henry Bergeson left home at 31 years of age and was never heard of again. Where did he go and where is he buried? Does he have descendants? Where do they live? See his biography for additional clues.